Custom Database Programming

Why Buy commercial based software packages that do not completely fit your business needs? We offer secure, stable, and efficient database solutions customized to your particular operations at a fraction of the cost of commercial packages.

Here at Brazos Information Systems we know how important it is to have efficient business operations, the added administrative costs can eat up a lot of your profit. Why have 5 employees on staff when only 2 could do the same job? Why have 30 when you could have 20? How important to your business is your database software? The heart of most businesses today is their database. Have you lost time and operational costs because of problems with your database software, or network or computer outages?

Brazos Information Systems has the business solutions to fit your needs. In addition to networking and pc solutions, we have extensive knowledge and experience in custom database programming and back it up with on-site training and 24/7 support. Every business operates differently, and the software to run a business should be equally different. Generic commercial packages can cost a small initial fortune and continue to needlessly chew up profits in unnecessary added overhead and maintenance. We give you the tools and the peace of mind to make your business run right.

Inventory Controls
Realtime Process Monitoring
Manufacturing and Production
Job and Batch management
Off-site management
Benchmark reporting
Graphical reporting
Dynamic HTML e-business
Load Management
Machine coding (PLC)
Quality control

No matter what network operating systems or environment you have, Brazos Information Systems offers solutions for multiple platforms.

Windows workgroups
OS/2 Warp

Here are just a few examples:

Transportation Load Management

Automatic updates, querying of database, extensive formulas. All necessary data visible on one screen.


Quick and simple Pop-up Boxes

for easy database management:

RealTime Process Machine Controls

ActiveX controls, Realtime monitoring of production machinery (on-site or off-site), All functions automatic ie. Shift/Date changes, Parts made, Plant efficiency, Downtime calculations, permanent storage of all data for future reference.


Powerpoint animated slides as network wide screensavers!



Automated query searches, point and click drop down lists on all datasheet views.


On Demand automated scheduling.


Automated Time-to-run and scheduled completion functions.


Extensive Benchmark reporting, multiple tier structured query systems, all systems completely networked. Built on SQL back-end with Delphi, Java, or Access front ends.

Whatever your particular needs we can design a stable, secure, and efficient solution.
Let us get your business running right, call today for free evaluations.

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